Dutch manufacturer of
special FX and confetti products

Dutch manufacturer of
special FX and confetti products

Everything you need for an awesome party: from a CO2 machine to an electric confetti cannon

Welcome to The Confetti Maker, where you will find all special effects equipment you need to make your party or event truly memorable. Do you want your party engraved in the memories of your guests? Do you wish to induce envy in everyone who couldn’t make it to your party? You can, with great special effects machines such as our electric confetti cannon. Everything you need to make your party one for the ages, can be found in our product range with special effects equipment: from an electric confetti cannon to CO2 gas for your CO2 machines.

We bring something extra to the mix

We believe that every party needs something special in the form of special effects, of course by using the best equipment. Don’t you want to turn up the heat at your party or during your DJ set by throwing some bright flames from a fire machine in the mix? Or maybe you want to shower your guests with loads of colorful confetti from a confetti dropper or electronic cannon? Whatever has your preference, we love to help you make it happen with our great special effects equipment.

Go wild with our special effects equipment

Though we firmly encourage you to party hard, we also believe you should be able to party safely. That is why we take great responsibility with all machines, such as the fire machine and electric confetti cannon, we add to our product range. We only provide you with high-quality products. So, don’t worry and go crazy with the fire and smoke effects and do not hold back with the confetti from the electric cannon. Because as we like to say: ‘Nothing is so sexy like confetti’. Whatever spice you wish to add to your event, you will find it at The Confetti Maker. So, look around on our website and view our range of special effects equipment and accessories.

Save time and money

As a full service company The Confettimaker can deliver and refill CO2 bottles.
More information on www.tcmgas.eu

The Confettimaker - TCM Gas

“Exhilarating and intens!”

“For us it is important to put down a good show. Smoke, fire and confetti are a big part of it.
It can make your stage look bigger and that’s a good thing. Besides The Confettimaker is not too expensive, so you can do more with a small budget.”

“I give it a 9!”

“Of course we would recommend The Confettimaker. Everyone knows that we use their products and services. Not only CO2 (smoke) but also the confetti and fire products.”

You can find The Confettimaker in these countries

The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, England, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Romania, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Colombia, Suriname, Mexico, Chile, The Netherlands Antilles and India.


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3088 GT Rotterdam
The Netherlands

tel: +31 (0)10 – 25 41 111

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